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Just enter “@” to let the specified AI reply to you.Supporting GPT4/4o, Claude 3 Opus, Gemini Pro, Midjourney and more

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We’re building the next generation of AI chat assistants

Anytime, anywhere, let any AI serve you.Supporting GPT4/4o, Claude 3 Opus, Gemini Pro, Midjourney and more.

Customize Characters

Create the Bot you need, such as a translation expert, SEO expert, virtual girlfriend, and more.

Once the feature is available, we’ll email you right away.
In the future, anyone will be able to share the AI Bots they create with others, and even sell their own creations.

Web Browsering

Get the latest information via Google or Bing, not just limited to the AI model's last update.

In the future, you will be able to submit any webpage to AI for them to provide answers based on the webpage content. We are soon launching a browser extension version where you can have AI answer for you on any webpage.
Swift Discoverability

Obtain the answers you need with greater precision, without the repeated searches like when using a search engine.

Protect Your Privacy

Your conversation history will be encrypted and stored. We will not share this data with anyone, and you can delete any data at any time.

Personalize Your Experience

In the future, you can choose any AI Bot you wish to converse with. You won't need to hop between different platforms to compare, such as ChatGPT, Claude, or LLama. Here, you can receive answers from all of them at once.

Seamless Multilingual

Our AI can converse with you in dozens of languages. No matter which country you're in or which language you speak, you can easily use Chatgot.

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Say goodbye to the stress of disorganization and hello to a more focused, efficient, and successful you

Trey McCall
Chatgot truly understands what I'm looking for and the outputs are beyond expectations.
Waverly Miranda
I'm using ChatGPT plus and it's wonderful but Chatgot AI answers other needs that are also important and add accessibility and usability. I enjoy it and recommend it.🌐
Amora Jones
product manager
Provides better grammar and better statements about precisely what I need! It also gives me more insights into what I am searching for.💯
Fernando Williamson
This is a wonderful tool for researchers because it saves you hours of just searching. In this way, you can really concentrate on understanding, correlating, and synthesizing information into knowledge.👏
Deborah Scott
My first and only AI that I have use to help me get passed those rough spots in my work as an educator. I would be totally lost without it.
Cody Sims
SEO Specialist
Its insightful assistance, natural conversations, and user-friendly interface make tasks easier. I value the privacy it ensures and trust it with my data. 👍
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